Brutus is a 6 year old German Sheperd. In March of 2016 he will reach his 1 year anniversary of living at Homeward Bound Pet Shelter. We hope Brutus doesnt get to celebrate! Brutus closely bonds with his person and is extremely active for his age. He is a staff and volunteer favorite!

Brutus is a handsome fellow with selective taste in humans. He has manners- sit, shake, and lay down. His criteria in humans are (1) Do you have high value treats? (2) Do you like to walk long distance and play (He is an expert on the treadmill)? (3) Do you like to hug big guys? Brutus is loyal, protective and loving to the person who is blessed to give him a FOREVER home. -Donna, HBPS volunteer

I love his kisses in the morning! -Lesley, HBPS staff

Brutus loves to cuddle up, is clean in his kennel, potty trained He is fun to play with, and he loves his big ol soccer and basketball. -Toni, HBPS staff